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For a number of years now I’ve been working on books, and along the way come across quite a few curious or interesting bits and pieces – some that make it into the books and some that don’t. I hope to include a few of these in this occasional blog, sometimes telling the story behind a particular find or photograph, sometimes touching on how I go about making the books (I do the writing, photography and design).

March 28 2016

In the meantime, as Sea Journal isn’t officially out until April, I’ll start with a photograph and extract from there.

Red Rags


‘In what seems no time at all, the water has risen to the tops of my boots. It is clear as glass. All around me seaweed reaches up for the light, its rich greens and browns graceful in the gentle swell. An hour ago it seemed barren here, now I am standing in a sunlit garden. As if magically, all the life of the shallows is back too: glassy shrimps, a shoal of tiny silver fish that slip amongst the weed or hang motionless, darting for cover when I move.

‘But, as has happened before, it beguiles me and I stay just a little too long. One boot and then the other fills with water. I tip it out, but there isn’t time to go back and change. It won’t be the first time I’ve had to walk past the waiting parents outside school with the unmistakable — and surprisingly audible — squelch of wet socks inside rubber boots.’